Gujarati Weekend Friday 19th & Saturday 20th April

Gujarati cuisine refers to the cuisine of Gujarat, India, a state in western India. It is primarily a vegetarian cuisine due to the influence of Jain vegetarianism and traditional Hinduism. The typical Gujarati Thali consists of Rotli, Dal or Kadhi, Rice, and Shaak/Sabzi (a dish made up of different combinations of vegetables and spices, which may be spicy or sweet). Gujarati cuisine varies widely in flavor and heat, depending on a given family’s tastes as well as the region of Gujarat they are from. Many Gujarati dishes are distinctively sweet, salty, and spicy at the same time.’
See Menu below poster.
Gujarati Weekend at Greens Vegetarian Café Hebden Bridge

Gujarati Weekend Evening Menu
Friday 19th & Saturday 20th April, 6.30pm-late

Starters: £4.95
Kandha Bhajia (v) (wf) (gf)
Onion fritters, deep fried and served with apple & pea chutney
Paneer Tiki
Spicy potato & paneer cutlets served with coriander & mint chutney

Mains: £10.95
Ful Cobi (vo) (cn)
A dry curry made with cauliflower, carrots, potatoes & peas, mustard seeds, chilli & coriander, served with sambar (aromatic lentil soup), coconut chutney & homemade paratha (pan fried chapatti flatbread)
Ravaiya nu Shaak (v) (wf) (gf) (cn)
A delicious stuffed aubergine curry, flavoured with fenugreek, cumin & coriander, ginger, chilli, turmeric & peanuts, cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with basmati rice & our yoghurt & mint dip

Desserts: £4.95
Dhud Pak (wf)(gf) (cn)
Traditional Gujarati rice pudding made almonds, pistachio & cardamom
Shrikand (wf)(gf)
A Gujarati speciality of whipped yoghurt dessert with mango puree
Booja Booja Organic Ice Cream (v) (wf) (gf)
Delicious, organic, award winning dairy free ice cream, choose from chocolate, ginger, vanilla or coconut

(vo)=vegan option available
(cn)=contains nuts


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