Sat 7th Jan, about 4pm – more tea vicar?
What could be nicer or indeed more quintessentially English than afternoon tea? Who cares if it’s cold and raining outside? It’s lovely and cosy in Greens and nice to take a break with a pot of Loose Leaf Tea & Victoria Sponge Cake. It really is true you know: the simple things in life are the best…
Afternoon Tea with Victoria Sponge Cake
Fri 20th Jan, Eve Menu: Winter Kale & Potato Curry
This is a bit of a twist on the potato & spinach curry. It’s a wonderful winter warmer and a hearty dish, combining local & seasonal winter kale with large chunks of potato and is flavoured with cumin, cardamom, coriander & garam masala. It’s nutritious & delicious and has been a big hit in the Café, served with basmati rice. Nice!
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Winter Kale & Potato Curry
Sat 4th Feb, Day Menu: Blowing Raspberries
Not just a feast for the eyes, this is a deep & moist freshly baked chocolate sponge cake, and we all know everyone likes chocolate. But this cake gives a double hit of pleasure, as it’s filled and topped off with a deliciously sweet icing made with real fresh raspberries. As da yoof say nowadays: “OMG!”
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Raspberry & Chocolate Cake
Wed 8th Feb, Day Menu: Tomato, Lentil & Thyme Soup
There’s nothing better than a really good homemade soup at this time of the year. Our Tomato, Lentil & Thyme Soup not only warms the cockles of your heart, but as it’s packed with fresh vegetables & herbs it’s also very tasty and good for you too. The secret is to use really good quality ingredients and take the time to sauté them to intensify the flavours at the start of the process. We serve all our soups with local organic wholemeal bread and the combination is just what you need on a cold & wet Wednesday in February.
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Tomato Lentil & Thyme Soup
Fri 24th Feb, Day Menu: Calling all Chocoholics
Behold, the Chocolate Maple Drizzle Cake! This beauty has a delicious, moist & sticky chocolate sponge centre which is topped off with a sweet icing made with maple syrup and finally, dark chocolate curls. In the words of Homer Simpson: “Mmm, dark chocolate curls...” This cake tastes even better than it looks and is the perfect partner to a fresh brewed Americano or Cappuccino (see below).
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Chocolate Maple Drizzle Cake
Sat 3rd March, Anytime Menu: Wake up & Smell the Coffee!
(Click image to enlarge)

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